was developed from a shared idea.  That idea was to create a way to enhance engagement within communities utilizing real time hyper-local on demand information distribution.

Our team has worked for years to help connect organizations and consumers with news and information through marketing and communication channels.

As technology advances, so should communication.  The founders of have the idea that the world should be in your hands without search.  Technology should make life easier.  It should be easy to know what is happening in your surroundings wherever you are.  Through this need, DEALPOINT was developed to distribute News stories and Retail offers geographically relevant to client preferences and place to make engagement more fun and create a more familiar community. makes it easy to find out the score of your local school team or which events are taking place near you.  It is news that matters to you, where you are now.  From police and fire reports to community events and consumer offers, places the power of information in your hands easily distributed on a customizable mapped interface.

We continue to work with businesses and publishers to enhance the experience and hope you become more engaged with your surroundings because of what we have built.